NOC 13P Role Madness Mafia - Game Ended, Mafia Win

a fairy

I’ll be at PAX East! Will you?
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im going to sleep.

current thought is to vote iavh tomorrow but maybe a night's sleep refreshes the "newbie pass" thought in my head. in which case idk. maybe ipl


this place is a circus
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i don't think a newbie not giving reads is very scummy

unconstructive at worst

personally voting a newbie that is at least somewhat active in the thread day 1 doesn't sit right with me
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None (3): imperfectluck, joey, pulsar512b
realiti (2): JALMONT, NightEmerald
iamveryhappy (1): realiti
joey (1): Celever
ImaginaryNeon (1): iamveryhappy
pulsar512b (1): ImaginaryNeon
tigershark/genius1 (1): Psypsypsypsypsythe

Lmk if mistakes

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